Bronze Patinas

Most people probably imagine a bronze statue to be a brown (liver) colour. Bronze in its raw state is actually a dull gold colour. Bronze is created using a mix of metals, the main component being copper (our products normally contain 65-70% copper). If left in its raw state, over time the copper will oxidise and turn green. To prevent this, hot chemicals are added to the surface of the bronze to create a patina. Once the desired colour is reached, the patina is sealed using a wax coating to prevent further oxidisation. If cared for properly, a bronze statue should retain its appearance and colour.

Your product can be ordered in any of these beautiful patinas.

Our Selection of Bronze Patinas

Brown Bronze Patina


Red Verdigris Patina

Verdigris Red

Spanish Moss Bronze Patina

Spanish Moss

Antique Burgundy Bronze Patina

Antique Burgundy

Verdigris Green Bronze Patina

Verdigris Green

Rust Blue Marble Bronze Patina

Rust Blue Marble

Antique Green Bronze Patina

Antique Green

Aqua Marine Bronze Patina

Aqua Marine

Sand Green Bronze Patina

Sand Green

Camouflage Bronze Patina


Italian Green Bronze Patina

Italian Green

White Sandstone Bronze Patina

White Sandstone

New Sand Green Bronze Patina

New Sand Green

Charcoal Bronze Patina


Ocean Blue Bronze Patina

Ocean Blue

Gold Bronze Patina