Bronze Goose (fat)


This life-size bronze goose statue will stand naturally in any outdoor space or near to a garden pond or lake. Lovingly handmade using the traditional lost wax process, he has an exquisite feathered finish with intricate detailing. He is posing elegantly with neck bent and is one of our most popular bronze garden statue birds. You can’t help but notice him with his proud poise. Finished in Sand Green

Dimensions: L38mm x H41cm x W15cm
Weight: 4kg
Material: Bronze – weather resistant, rust proof.
Patina: Sand Green
Delivery: 8 to 10 weeks


This item is made to order. Please call us on +44 (0)1364 649005 or email [email protected].

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Our bronze statues and fountains are handmade using the ‘lost wax’ casting process. This is a traditional method for casting metal which dates back to 3000 BC. It’s a long and labour intensive process but the results are worth it. The lost wax method consistently delivers high quality, detailed pieces. All our statues are finished by experienced craftsmen and glazed using a hot patina and wax. Like all bronze statues cast using the ‘lost wax’ process, our pieces are hollow and normally around 5mm in thickness.

Bronze is a metal alloy with a high copper content. It is resistant to corrosion, extremely hardy and very tough. If cared for properly it will stand the test of time in different weather conditions. Depending on its position and the degree to which it is exposed to the elements, the colour of your bronze statue may change slightly over time. This is perfectly normal for bronze as it oxidizes when exposed to air or other chemicals. You can however maintain its original appearance with minimal effort. We recommend cleaning and waxing statues once or twice a year.

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